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Hi, guys today's blog is on the top 5 best VR headsets in 2020 through extensive research and testing. 
I've put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it's price performance or its particular use we've got you covered for more information on the products. 

I've given the link to buy these VR headsets from amazon which are updated for the best prices.   

let's get started. 

5) Oculus Rift S:

Top 5 Best VR headset 2020 for games, movies and more | VR Headset

in fourth place we the oculus rift s this is our pick for the best PC VR headset it is priced at around $400 

this is an improvement over the previous rift PC headset adding overdue features like a higher resolution display and self-contained room tracking via five cameras no more external cameras or sensors are needed making  

it a lot easier to use casually it's also easier to set up potentially more comfortable to wear and has a much more robust games library than 

it did at launch you don't need to install any extra hardware which is a huge help during setup it has an ergonomic design so it stays on tightly and comfortably even during fast motions 

and it has improved optics for a brighter and sharper display as well as oculus collection of games and apps is excellent and the oculus store is easy to browse for games for first-time drift users the headset 

still works in tandem with a PC to deliver virtual reality experiences it connects to your PC over a USB 3.0 port and a display port connection and is tethered to the machine by a lengthy 

the cable that's more than enough to accommodate the room-scale experiences that it can deliver some of the pros for this product include crisp display room tracking comfortable design 

and full software library a con for this product is it still uses a cable to connect your PC however this allows for a more detailed dynamic and immersive experience the oculus rift s is a PC powered VR headset that has a brilliant display and in headset room tracking along with an ergonomic design  

4)  Google daydream view:

Top 5 Best VR headset 2020 for games, movies and more | VR Headset

In fifth place we have the Google daydream view this is our pick for the best mobile VR headset it is available at around $70 

if you own an Android phone and want to get into VR without spending a fortune on a headset and computer setup then you should consider this as an option 

what makes this headset compelling is its price it's also an easy headset for just about anyone to use you just install an app on your phone 

and once you're inside the VR world navigating is easy with the included controller as well as it is made of microfibers and is easily one of the most comfortable headsets currently available 

it has a 100-degree field of view which ups the immersion factor for a mobile VR headset it has also been growing its content library boasting a beefy catalogue of over 200 games and apps the headset is compatible with a wide range of Android phones 

such as Google Pixel Samsung Motorola Huawei Asus and more you won't get the deeply immersive worlds of a higher-end PC powered VR headset with this 

but you will get a device that's made of a nice material works with many of the best Android phones and offers great entertainment some of the pros for this product include affordable price intuitive comfortable stylish design and wide-ranging compatibility a con for this product is 

it is not as visually sharp as other VR headsets however at this price you can't expect too much the Google daydream view offers a great VR experience for Android phone owners with its cheap price user-friendly build and comfortable wear 

3) Sony PlayStation VR:

Top 5 Best VR headset 2020 for games, movies and more | VR Headset

in third place we have the Sony PlayStation VR this is our pick for the best console VR headset it is available at around $350 

there's no getting around the fact that in order to run high-end PC powered headsets you need a pretty high-end gaming PC 

which is not an insignificant investment for most people however if you already have a ps4 then this is far and away from the most affordable high-end VR option out there for you considering the sizable difference 

in power between the ps4 and PC, it is a surprisingly competent VR headset not only is it stylish and comfortable but its refresh rate is responsive and there are no issues with the reliability of its head-tracking depending on the game 

it can deliver a high refresh rate of a hundred twenty Hertz which allows for a great visual gaming experience it has satisfactory graphics capabilities and motion tracking it also offers 3d audio technology for accurate and realistic sounds thanks to Sony's backing it features 

one of the best VR game libraries with heavy hitters and established VR hits there were dozens available at launch and many more have followed over the years as well as the headset is praised for its ease of use intuitive move controllers  

and impressive publisher support some of the pros for this product includes striking design excellent graphics reliable motion tracking and the impressive game library a con for this product is it lets in some light however most VR headsets have trouble sealing light out the Sony PlayStation VR headset brings powerful and compelling virtual reality to the PlayStation 4 with worthy graphics and games 


2)  Oculus Quest: 

Top 5 Best VR headset 2020 for games, movies and more | VR Headset

in second place we have the oculus quest this is our pick for the best standalone VR headset it is priced at around 400 dollars 

simply put this VR headset signals a new age for virtual reality one that doesn't need a smartphone PC or console to run excellent experiences it delivers games and an immersive experience anywhere 

with no wires and has self-contained tracking and full motion six degree of freedom motion controllers with vibration that can also track finger movements with VR gaming it has an LED display panel and is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor it also has a surprisingly great higher resolution 

display and built-in speakers and apps are downloaded right to the headsets onboard storage unlike other headsets that require additional equipment external sensors or a lengthy setup process once the headset is charged up you can be up and running within a few minutes 

thanks to an easy setup within the oculus mobile app thanks to the integrated sensors and computer algorithms you can walk around in your designated play space without worrying about running into a wall or a piece of furniture the system launched with 50 games but is rapidly expanding 

its repertoire some of the titles will be multiplayer or have crossed by functionality allowing you to play with oculus rift and go owners but the cherry on top is the casting ability which lets you share your 

VR experience with others via smartphone or TV some of the pros for this product include wireless and self-contained great touch controllers stunning graphics and room scalability a con for this 

product is the short battery life at two to three hours however this is still the best standalone option out there the oculus quest VR headset combines a Wire-free experience with six degrees of freedom motion tracking and two controllers all without the need for a separate smartphone computer or console to use it 

1) HTC Vive Pro:

Top 5 Best VR headset 2020 for games, movies and more | VR Headset

and coming in the first place we have the HTC Vive pro this is our pick for the best overall VR headset it is available at around $1,400 HTC's 

latest is the best VR headset on the market by some measure with high-resolution amo LED displays integrated earphones with a built-in amplifier and spacial 3d audio  

there's no doubt this VR headset produces some of the best virtual reality experiences it's possible to get on the planet right now but there are caveats the headset is expensive you need a fairly decent 

PC to run it from and it can be a little complicated to set up if you're a serious gamer who has both the financial and hardware resources for it then it's definitely worth considering you get some great 

graphical fidelity here with 1440 by 1600 pixel resolution on each of the two LCD screens and the headset has been designed to be more comfortable to wear than its predecessor it offers a higher resolution and can take games from good-looking to gorgeous it increases the sharpness of the 

image and decreases the screen door defect there are also improvements to the weight distribution and the addition of the built-in earphones help it sound and feel as good as it makes the games look as well as it comes 

with stream VR tracking for accurate room scaling and included controllers for an immersive gaming experience some of the pros for this product include excellent VR experience comfortable improved visual fidelity and high resolution 3d spatial audio icon for this product is the expensive price

however, the price includes the accessories and it offers the absolute best VR experience right now the HTC Vive Pro has deeply engaging visuals and audio ideal for serious gamers who want to be fully immersed in their games  

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