What is My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

What is My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

My Math:

Hello, good people welcome to my blog, and today we're going to look at What is my math, how to teach with my math, and how to use it. We will also look into what is my mathlab and how to use it.

My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

What is My Math:

MyMaths is a membership-based arithmetic site that worked in HTML which can be utilized on intelligent whiteboards or by understudies and instructors at home. ... Starting at now MyMaths has more than 4 million understudy clients in more than 70 nations around the world, a significant number of whom are in England.

My Mathlab For School:

You can access my mathlab for school by clicking the link below.

How To Use My Math:

The e-book now we're going to go over and take a peek at this in connected.

My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

I've already opened in grade 1 and I'm gonna go ahead and just select a chapter and of course in your drop-down menu you see all of your choices.

My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

So, now I can choose any of my lessons here those drop-down menus are a great resource for you so be sure to use those it's such a quick way to get into your lessons and really begin to use it not just as a planning tool but for instruction. 

Now again you see your carousel over here and all of the resources and tools you can use but I want you to look at this one here open ebook and that's exactly what I'm going to do 

My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

and when we do that we immediately see the lesson that you're working on and this is the book this is the child's interactive book that they each have notice on the left you have this table of contents.
My Math | How To Teach With E-Book In My Math | My Mathlab

so I can certainly switch in between my chapters in my grade level if you look up here at these wonderful icons go immediately to your glossary by clicking here I have the answers on.
I can simply switch them off I can go to double pane which lets me see of course two pages at a time and of course I can use these on my projector and interactive whiteboard 

whatever I have in my classroom and of course look at the bottom of you know you see what my cursor is doing look at that if there is a tool that you'll want to use on these pages they are available and live for you simply by clicking I can go to game play 

I can go to more which would of course be enrichment or reteaching or any of those things that I have in my resource tab worksheets they complement this lesson 

I help oh that's terrific you know what that does that takes you to your parents he-help is gonna let me communicate with parents on what they could use from home to complement this lesson and we help students with their homework and of course their thee tools we've seen those in the virtual manipulative to the next two pages 

and I can click on writing tools here's my pen and I can write any of the answers I can have students come to the board and do this so not only is your e-book going to give students the opportunity to be able to to use that book in an interactive way it's a way for you to use it with instruction now let's say we want to focus on just a portion of the page 

I want to talk to the students about what they're going to do on their own did you see me click on the magnifier look it went huge can you imagine this up there on that board so that students can see it you know in a large you know isolated way just looking at just a few items and of course 

I can click on that and it will take it back to 100% or again I can go larger or smaller just a great teaching tool instructional technique for you to use again I mentioned that you know. 

let's go ahead and click on that and it will immediately take me to the resource and it suggests from home that parents can use the two colored counters or they could look at it lesson animation so it's as if they're hearing you all over again from home the students or parents can see what you did in the classroom 

so that's what your ebook will do so many ways to access it if you remember you can access it from point of use on the launch page you can access it from inside of a lesson now what's your task following this short time 

together I'd like for you to go into the e-book this week and use it with your students using the lesson that you're currently on with regard to your pacing thank you

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